Hello and Welcome to the Mathemusical Man website!

If you've found this site, there's a high probability that you may be looking for help understanding some area of mathematics. Congratulations - you're already demonstrating two important steps in the problem-solving process: (1) recognition of the problem, and (2) a willingness to take action to solve that problem. I can help provide assistance to you in taking the next steps and developing your understanding and problem-solving abilities!

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It is my belief is that you are capable of learning math and improving your math skills, no matter who you are or what your background and previous history with math has been. I have guided all ages of students (middle and high school, college, and adults) to better understanding in various branches of mathematics and helped them improved their performance in their math courses. Students I've worked with have gained confidence in their own abilities and have less fear of that dreaded four-letter word known as "math."

My Goal

My goal is to work with you as a coach/partner and to provide tutoring sessions that will:

  • Assess your math skills and level of understanding of the mathematics you're studying
  • Identify areas to focus on to improve your skills and understanding
  • Tailor my instruction to your personal learning style, building on your strengths
  • Provide an enjoyable, supportive environment for you to learn math and reach your potential

Students inform me that I have a talent for providing clear and thorough explanations and using well-chosen examples to demonstrate the fundamental concepts and techniques. Ultimately it is your responsibility to make an honest effort to practice working problems and doing your best to understand the material, but I will provide strong and caring support, insight, and guidance to help you overcome impediments and help you successfully achieve your goals.

I look forward to working with you if you feel I may be able to help you with mathematics. Please explore my site to learn more about me and my services. If are interested in my services, please feel free to contact me directly regarding my references, my availability and rates, and/or setting up a tutoring appointment.

Jim Francis
Jim Francis

(425) 522-4823