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The more I try to learn math, the more confused and overwhelmed I get!

"I've never been very good at math, and I dread having to take another math course."

"I like math, but math doesn't like me."

"I feel that if I could just get a little boost to get me over the hump, then I'd be okay to move on."

"I just can't seem to understand my instructor's explanations or the way the book presents things."

If you've ever found yourself saying or thinking any of the above or similar statements, let me assure you that (A) you're not alone, and (B) help is available!

Real life often provides opportunities for each of us to apply and develop our problem-solving skills (and not just the "math" kind). If you find yourself in need of help with a math course, then I urge you to find and use all available resources at your disposal to solve this problem!

First I would encourage you to use whatever resources your school may provide (drop-in math help center, after school homework clubs, study groups with fellow classmates).

Secondly you might also find some websites that can supplement your classroom instruction. Some textbooks have websites available, but others independent sites include interactive help with various math topics. As an example, check out the equation calculator at:

For many students, having a personal tutor/coach can keep one from spinning one's wheels and can save time and frustration. If you find yourself at this stage, I'm here to help.

Your past need not determine your future - even if you've not had success with math before or if you feel you have math or test anxiety, I believe you can change your patterns and turn things around (as I've personally witnessed it with former and current students). In over 20 years of teaching math, I've yet to meet a person who is incapable of learning math and improving their skills and understanding.

I Will Help Build Your Confidence

I'm not a wizard - while I can assist and guide you, your success with math is contingent on your willingness to work hard and actively engage in your learning process. I also want to make sure you do not become too dependent on me or other external resources. Our shared goal should be to help you gain (or regain) your confidence and eventually find your way to be independent in your learning.

I'm willing to meet with you on a regular basis (such as weekly 1-hour sessions) or on an "as needed" basis (such as occasional review sessions before major tests). I'm itinerant and willing to travel to sites near or at your school, your work, or your home if they are mutually agreeable.

References are available upon request. (In addition, please see the testimonials section of my website.)

My hope is that you will find my methods of instruction to be supportive, caring, encouraging, and ultimately helpful toward reaching your potential as a math student.

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Euler's Identity

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