Jim is one of the best math explainers I have EVER met. I KNOW my two daughters have raised their grades by at least one grade level due to Jim's instruction.

- from the mother of two high school students who herself is a math teacher

My math grades began improving immediately from the first tutoring session I had with Jim. I credit his assistance with my ability to successfully improve my performances on quizzes and tests.

- from a high school student taking both algebra and geometry

Mr. Francis was always bright and friendly in class, and always gave extra help to anyone who asked. He also explained things pretty thoroughly.

I liked that he taught various approaches to solving a problem.

He is very knowledgeable about math, so he could answer most any question we came up with.

He knew his math very well and was able to teach me things I didn't understand.

He is very good at explaining how things work (and don't work!).

He was a positive and energized person who was very helpful, showing how to solve problems step-by-step.

- comments about Jim’s teaching style from several Nathan Hale High School students

I returned to school (UW) during the fall quarter of 2010. The final few classes I had to graduate were reliant on a thorough understanding of difficult math and statistics concepts, and I was so fortunate to find Jim. I have been in school for many years and worked with several tutors, but Jim's style was calm and confident. The way that he explained math concepts made them easier to conquer even when we were not working together, during tests and independent assignments. Jim was able to connect and explain everything from basic Calculus and differential equations to complicated probability density functions. I would absolutely recommend his services for both quick help on a math or statistics problem, or weeks of intensive tutoring.

- from a UW undergraduate student

Jim explains calculus in a way I can understand. He changed it from frustrating to fun!

- from a Bellevue College calculus student

My study group and I starting meeting with Jim early in our first quarter of Calculus; whenever we had questions his explanations were always clear and concise, and he had great insight into solving various problems throughout the quarter. We have already arranged to have him help us through the trials and tribulations of second quarter Calculus. I have recommended him and would continue to recommend him as a tutor assisting with any math woes.

- from a Bellevue College calculus student

Tutors like Jim are a rare thing. I've worked with a few in the past, and most will just work a problem through and expect you to follow along. The difference with Jim is that he'll explain the concepts step-by-step so that you understand why each operation was performed, and guide you to the correct conclusion rather than just telling it to you. By the way he works, it's clear that he knows and loves math.

- from a Bellevue College pre-calculus student

During his time in the Math Lab at Bellevue College, I found Jim to have an extensive knowledge of mathematics and a clear way of explaining concepts. Students from my statistics class reported that he was a valuable resource and were very appreciative of his help.

- from the Bellevue College Math Tutoring Center Director and Math Instructor

Jim was an intern in my math classes this past school year, earning his teacher certification through a special program for professionals who already possess mastery of the subject matter but lack high school teaching experience. He had already taught many math classes at the college level and was able to springboard from this experience into the world of teenagers. Even though the material was much simpler than what he has taught in the past, Jim focused on ways to connect with these teens, accepted where they were, and helped them proceed to a higher level of understanding from where he found them.

Jim employed many instructional strategies he learned about in his classes at City University, and gave me many new ideas. But even more importantly, in my opinion, he used common sense to monitor how well students were following what he was trying to teach and made adjustments on the fly. So while he always came ready to teach with a well-prepared lesson, Jim learned early on to be flexible and would adjust plans to meet the needs of his students.

Jim was an excellent collaborator, freely sharing his ideas with me, the other math teachers at Nathan Hale High School, and the two other interns from his program at City University who were also working at Hale. I thank Jim for his hard labor this year and will be thanking him for years to come as I continue to use and refine the materials he produced this year in subsequent years. Jim is technologically savvy and leaves me with electronic copies of high quality and well-organized materials.

- from the mentor teacher with whom Jim worked

During my twenty years as a public educator at the secondary level, I have observed hundreds of teachers using their skills and artistry. From this vantage point, I have been very impressed with Jim Francis’s work with students.

Jim had the opportunity to work with a diverse community of learners during his experience at Nathan Hale … [and] was capable at meeting the diverse needs of our student population.

[Jim] uses math vocabulary and public record to support mathematical learning. He posts a clear learning target for each lesson and refers to the learning target throughout the lesson. He models problem solving well and uses a variety of colors when writing on the white board. This exemplifies different aspects of the problem solving process. [His] commitment to his work is commendable. He has the passion and desire to meet the challenge of teaching in a public school. It is without reservation that I give a positive recommendation for Jim Francis.

- from the high school principal where Jim did his student teaching internship

Jim has a calm demeanor in the classroom. He demonstrates good presentation skills in his lessons. He is very comfortable with the high school level (and higher) of mathematics and often explains new material in several ways. He is aware of the special needs of some of the students and modifies assignments when appropriate. He is enthusiastic and has a good sense of humor. He collaborates well with others and responds positively to suggestions made for improvements.

- from the field supervisor who observed Jim during his year-long teaching internship